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6 May 2022

A Spring Refresh - Getting organised

A Spring Refresh - Getting organised
With the sun finally breaking through at the Winter's end, your efforts might be turning to getting organised and having a little refresh. In an uncertain world currently, a great distraction is to turn to things that you can control, one of those being your home and your own personal and cherished space.

One of my 'to do' tasks (admittedly this has been on my list for some time), is to clear out and organise that top drawer in the kitchen. You know the one, we all have one!  I am not so successful at keeping this drawer tidy, it is literally full of those things that I have no other 'drawer' for! What I do succeed at doing though is keeping my most important reminders to hand on my kitchen noticeboard. I have a pinboard and whiteboard combination from The Notice Board Company, framed in one of our handpainted frames. It is here I have school dates, bin reminder days and those now much rarer party invitations!
If you can achieve a little organisation at least in one area of your life, I find it quite helpful in encouraging me to tackle another area. And so it goes... at least this is my plan for this Spring!